Oil Acrylic Encaustic Paint Brushes Natural Chungking Hog Hair Bristle in Portable Organizer Plastic Container, 6 pieces Filbert Flat and Round Paintbrush Set

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Brand: D'Artisan Shoppe


  • Painters love stiff boar bristles for oil paintings. Works brilliantly as acrylic paint brushes to create loose painterly strokes. And, works well for encaustic wax painting.
  • VERSATILE FOR LARGE OR SMALLER CANVAS PAINTING. Real art brushes for artists with filbert brush 2, 6, 12; size 4, 8 flats and small #1 round for signatures and detail lines. Pro results for fine art, beginners or hobby painters.
  • ERGONOMIC LONG HANDLES TO STAND AWAY FROM THE EASEL. Beautifully balanced, light weight wood eases hand fatigue during daily painting. Long handles gives freer movements for exciting brushstroke plus perspective to your artwork.
  • HAND MADE FROM FINEST MATERIALS. Best quality paint brushes made from premium Chunking hog hair bristles for stroke control and deep flags to distribute paint evenly.
  • FREE BRUSH HOLDER STORAGE BOX FOR PLEIN AIR TRAVEL. Durable protective organizer case and dust bag included for travelling outdoor and classes. 

Details: Masters Series VI - Oil, Acrylic and Encaustic Wax Painting Brushes. Designed by master brush makers, these hand crafted brushes will give you a cleaner stroke.
Springy, tough and stiff Chungking hog bristle brushes are considered the workhorse in moving thick oil and encaustic wax paint around and creating textural effect. Hog hair brushes are also very popular for various artists as acrylic paint brushes.

Filbert Paint Brush - #2, #6, #12

    • Filbert Brushes has a feathered top to them which are great for blending; to block in areas as well as detail work for portraits.

Flat Brush - #4, #8

    • Flats - Used to blend colors on a painting or to create very bold strokes.

Round Brush - #1

    • Round paintbrush - round and pointed tip used for small and tight spaces and to add detail to paintings.

These professional quality filbert artist paint brush and flat brushes will be a staple in your art brush collection. The round brush completes a truly useful brush set for artist painting in oils and acrylics. This is the best paint brush set for any level of artists from beginners, to pro painters doing fine art.

These artist brushes are brought to you by D'Artisan Shoppe - a trusted company of professional art supplies.

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