Artistic Calligraphy Book of Paintings and Poetry by Tristina Dietz Elmes, Softcover, Signed Copy

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This ARTISTIC CALLIGRAPHY book by artist Tristina Dietz Elmes features 15 paintings from her MEMORIES OF ASIA collection. Each beautiful artwork image is accompanied by a poem Tristina wrote that expresses her memories of time spent in Asia evoked by the design and colors. Plus, each book is personally signed by Tristina! Softcover book dimensions 7 3/4" x 9 3/4".

American mixed media artist Tristina Dietz Elmes was raised in Asia in the 1960's and 70's and graduated from Taipei American High School in Taiwan in 1977. While living in Taiwan she studied the practical and artistic side of Chinese calligraphy. 

Tristina was struck with the inspiration to get back to her youthful roots in 2012 through an artistic expression of the calligraphy she loved so much as a child, “The feel of a bamboo and goat hair brush dipped in ink and gliding across a painting provides a warm comfort and sense of familiarity.”

Tristina’s calligraphic artworks exude an artistic stylized flow of movement; sometimes the characters represent “words” and other times more a “feeling”. Primarily a unique language all her own, Tristina’s Asian style scripts are a melding of modern and ancient Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters.