Chinese & Japanese Magic Rewritable Calligraphy Water Writing Fabric Cloth Brush Pen Set With Character Book, Inkless

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  • No ink needed, just write with clean water, environmentally friendly
  • Will magically become clean and dry after water evaporation for reuse
  • Convenient and portable, roll up, easy to store
  • Elegantly boxed with a book filled with Chinese characters
  • Suitable as a gift
  • This set comes with 1 magical water writing cloth, 3 high quality calligraphy brushes, 1 ceramic brush rack and 1 water dish in a beautiful gift box

Details: Calligraphy is the essence of Chinese culture. Practicing Chinese calligraphy helps keep us calm, reduce working pressure, cultivate morality and optimize temper. Water writing cloth is the latest economic and practical product; it is made of sturdy Polyester Filament. When writing on it, you can see the same effect as rice paper, after several minutes, the writing will vanish and the cloth recovers to clean and dry as original, you may rewrite on it every few minutes. It helps save paper and reduce pollution to the environment. Writing cloth size approx: L27 " x W18". Material: Polyester Filament.

Maintenance: 1. Please use clean writing brush (never soaked in ink) and clean water; 2. The words appear immediately on the cloth and disappear after several minutes. Being clean and protective, it can be used repeatedly; 3. Don't put too much water in the brush; 4. Only use water on the cloth; 5. Don't make the surface scratched by any sharp or hard things; 6. Roll the cloth up when it is fully dried. Do not fold.