Pebeo Gedeo Gilding Paste Glue 37 ML for Metal Leaf and Transfer Foil

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Brand: Pebeo

Color: transparent


  • 37ml tube
  • Water-based gilding paste used in the application of Metal Leaf and Mirror Effect Transfer Foil Leaves
  • Can be applied straight from the nozzle for writing and delicate designs or with a palette knife to cover a large area
  • Add shiny dimension to your artwork and decoration projects
  • Ideal with Pebeo Metal Leaf and Mirror Leaf Transfer Foils
  • Can be used on most non-porous surfaces

Details: Water-based gilding paste used to apply Shiny Foil Transfer Sheets and Metal Leaf. Use straight from the tube for writing or delicate designs or with a pallet knife if a thicker, wider area is desired. Works well with stencils!  

37ml tube, applies white, dries clear. When dry, it will remain tacky; then you may apply Mirror Leaf transfer foil shiny side up and burnish with a finger, or apply loose Metal Leafing and burnish with a finger or medium stiffness brush.