Pebeo Gedeo Gilding Mirror Effect Metal Leaf Transfer Foil - Red, 12 Sheets

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Brand: Pebeo

Color: Red


  • 12 sheets Red Mirror Leaf
  • High Gloss finish with a Metal Mirror effect
  • Can be applied over any tacky surface and on dry tacky Pebeo Gedeo Mixtion Relief gilding paste (which works on most non-porous surfaces)
  • Use on Liquid Art Panels-Glass-Wood-Metal-Terra Cotta-Ceramics-Canvas-Mixed Media Artwork-Mirror-Plexiglass-Plastics- Or for Jewelry and Decoration

Details: Pebeo Gedeo Mirror Effect Metal Leaves are best applied with Pebeo Gedeo Mixtion Relief Water-based Gilding Paste to include metallic or shiny colored effects to your artwork. Can be used on a variety of surfaces, including Pebeo Liquid Art Panels, Glass, Wood, Metal, Terra Cotta, Ceramics, Canvas, Mixed Media Artwork, Mirror, Plexiglass, Plastics, or for Jewelry and Home Decoration applications. Package of 12 sheets, Red mirror leaf.

Application: Pebeo Gedeo Mirror Effect Metal Leaves may be applied by pressure to any tacky surface. Ideally, apply Pebeo Gedeo Mixtion Relief gilding paste to the area where the Mirror Effect is desired; it will go on white and dry clear while remaining tacky. Next, cover the dry tacky gilding paste with a sheet of Pebeo Gedeo Mirror Effect Metal Leaf, SHINY SIDE UP, and apply pressure using a finger or press with the assistance of a cotton ball. Remove the leaf sheet to reveal the mirror effect attached to the gilding paste. Re-use the Pebeo Gedeo Mirror Effect Leaf sheet until all the color has been removed from the clear acetate carrier sheet.