PEBEO Glazing Resin Coating Kit, Quick Cure, Clear High Shine, Semi-Liquid Gloss Rounded Top, Eco-Friendly Formula, Crafting Supplies, 300 ml, Gedeo Transparent Bio Resin

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Pebeo Gedeo Glazing Resin High Viscosity Doming Top Resin

    Color: Transparent


    • CRYSTAL CLEAR SHINE: Incomparably transparent, Pebeo's glossy glazing resin has an easy to pour semi-liquid texture. Self-rounding edges and shorter curing time makes it ideal for both supports with or without a lip, inlays, and as a protective varnish for furniture.
    • QUICK CURE TIME: Rather than the typical epoxy resin cure time of 24 hours, Pebeo's glazing resin cures in 12 hours! And, the work time (pot-time) is approximately 10 minutes rather than typical epoxy resins with 30-45 minute work times.
    • SEMI-LIQUID FOR NO MORE SPILLS: Pebeo's semi-liquid glazing resin is self-leveling with a nice rounded edge to keep application even and mess-free. Ideal for pouring on small bordered surfaces, for adding inclusions, and applying as a high-gloss coating. The semi-liquid glaze texture is ideal for use by crafters and artists alike. 
    • FORMULA: Bio-based at more than 40%, with a high percentage of carbon from plant origin. Formulated with the environment in mind.
    • COMES IN 2 SIZES: Available in 150 ml and 300 ml kits, each of which include instructions, 2 mixing cups (30ml each), 1 pair of gloves, 2 stir sticks, Hardener and Resin. 

    Details: The Crystal Clear Choice for Arts and Crafts, Gedeo Clear Glazing Bio Resin is a high-gloss, ultra transparent resin that adds depth and dimension to your art projects. Glazing Resin is a low-odor, two-part epoxy resin system (resin and hardener) that allows for remarkable ease-of-use and a beautifully bubble-free, non-yellowing finish that is long-lasting and durable. 

    The unique semi-liquid texture is stiff enough to create a contour around rounded edges, cures in a shorter amount of time than other resins (12 hours), and is ideal for use on a wide variety of mediums such as wood, silicone, plastic, canvas, and more.

    Both artists and DIY crafters alike will appreciate the easy to pour formula that makes filling in molds or small bordered surfaces a breeze. You can even add inclusions to Gedeo Glazing Bio Resin using natural elements such as flowers, leaves, and more. Our versatile semi-liquid glazing resin can be used as a protective, high gloss coating for table tops, countertops, and other pieces of furniture., too. 

    A Formula That You’ll Feel Good About! Gedeo Clear Glazing Bio Resin is a revolutionary product created from earthy-friendly, bio-based materials, with over 40% carbon derived from plants. This resin is one of the latest innovations by Pebeo in bio-based chemistry, allowing for professional results and simplicity of use.  All Gedeo Bio-Based Resins are incomparably transparent, glossy and quite solid when cured, while being more respectful of the environment. Available in 150 ml and 300 ml kits.

    Package Dimensions: 6.3 x 6.3 x 4.7 inches