Pebeo Drawing Gum Masking Fluid Marker Pen 4 mm Tip

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Brand: PEBEO


  • A high precision marker for the masking of specific areas during painting
  • Ideal for watercolor, ink and diluted gouache painting
  • The 4 mm tip allows for a clean, continuous application
  • Once dried, film is easy to remove using a finger or eraser
  • Replacement tip included

Details: Pebeo latex-free Drawing Gum is a masking fluid, which can be applied to a surface to mask areas where color is not desired.

The Drawing Gum marker is an all-in-one tool for easy, precise lines.

Drawing Gum is a peelable liquid frisket masking solution used to keep areas of artwork free of paint, for use with ink, watercolor, diluted gouache and more. 

This tool is very practical due to its easy handling and small size, which only requires you to choose a surface. It can be used on paper, cardboard, Bristol board, acetate, wood and other surfaces. Apply color when the drawing gum is dry.

Once the colors are completely dry just rub the gum with your finger or with an eraser to reveal the masked parts.