EliChem ResiBlast Resin Dispersion Medium - Clear - 25 ml bottle

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Brand: EliChem

Color: Clear


  • Color - clear
  • 25 ml bottle
  • Drip into your wet resin paintings to create unique cells and patterns
  • Creates 'movement' in resin paintings
  • Premixed

Details: Resi-BLAST is an innovative, single part liquid additive that is dropped into wet and colored resin. The additive is commonly referred to as a dispersant or interference medium. It helps to create a 'lacing' effect, cell structures, color dispersions and gradients. It is a single part polymeric liquid that reacts with wet epoxy, polyester and polyurethane resins by repelling itself away, thereby stimulating movement and blooming in concentric outward circles. It is not a paint or a resin and will not cure on its own. Resi-BLAST is safe and user-friendly. It is odourless, inert, stable, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-VOC with with no aggressive chemical, solvent or alcohol ink content.

**Customers should know that with any art product, a certain amount of practice is required to achieve desired results. While we can assure you this is a quality resin additive that has undergone rigorous quality control testing, your results may vary.