Tenax 10 Bottle Universal Coloring Kit for Resin and Acrylic Mastic, 2.5-oz per Bottle

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Brand: Tenax


  • From an industry leader; top quality
  • 2.5 oz per color bottle
  • Colors: black, brown, white, red, red brown, yellow, green, blue, gray and buff
  • Mix and match colors
  • Very concentrated; add one drop at a time
  • Works with epoxy & polyester resins and acrylic mastic glues
  • Perfect for commercial and industrial applications

Details: The Tenax 10 Piece Universal Coloring kit is the best way to do all of your color matching. This is perfect for use with Polyester Resins, Acrylic Mastic, and stone epoxies. These colors are very concentrated, so a little drop will go a long way. With 10 different colors to mix and match from you can make virtually all the colors of the rainbow.

Colors Included: Black, Brown, White, Red, Red Brown, Yellow, Green, Blue, Gray & Buff. Mix and match to make other colors. This product is VERY concentrated so a little goes a long way. These are 2.5 ounce containers with a specifically designed nozzle for small amounts of color per drop. Use in your polyester, epoxy, and acrylic mastic glues. The Tenax coloring kit is great for both indoor & outdoor use.